CSL Plasma partners with The Group Advertising to increase African American and Hispanic donors

CSL Plasma, one of the largest plasma collectors in the world, has partnered with The Group Advertising, a leader in multicultural marketing, to create a campaign encouraging Hispanic and African American communities to donate plasma.

Blood plasma is a light amber-colored liquid component of blood that is used to create a variety of life-saving medicines to treat chronic and rare diseases, trauma, clotting disorders, and other essential medical uses. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted just how vital the need for plasma is in saving lives. 

The Group Advertising is a national full-service multicultural advertising and digital agency with offices in Orlando, Miami, NY, and Buenos Aires. CEO and founder, Hernan Tagliani has been changing the traditional mindset of executives, marketers, and corporations across the U.S. with his Transcreational approach to multicultural advertising. Focusing on cultural relevancy, Tagliani operates under the philosophy of “Transcreating instead of translating.” He and his team consistently prove that simply changing the language and having a person of color in an ad is not enough to activate multicultural consumers. 

CSL Plasma chose The Group Advertising to help bridge this awareness gap. The team plans to launch a new strategic campaign to more effectively engage African Americans and Hispanics. These groups typically fall through the cracks of general market campaigns, since traditional-thinking marketers don’t speak their language figuratively, literally, or culturally. 

For more information about the donation process or to find a donation clinic near you, visit CSLplasma.com.