El Valor De Una Buena Compra


An international leader in the grocery store market, ALDI has 950+ stores that serve millions of customers every month. The company wanted to reach out to the Hispanic community since they were expanding in the Orlando area and needed to secure future growth.


ALDI needed to be introduced to the Hispanic community in a market where the competition had a strong presence with loyal customers.


We created a brand awareness campaign and a memorable grand opening event. We worked closely with ALDI’s Anglo agency ensuring that the campaign was culturally relevant to the Hispanic community. This effort was launched with a cost-efficient media mix to create high impact. We then created further excitement through a PR outreach, engaging numerous media networks and local Hispanic dignitaries, associations, and community leaders.


Our efforts confirmed that ALDI had the products and customer service to serve the Latino community. The brand was embraced 100%. We helped ALDI break their attendance record for their grand opening event with over 2,000 attendees. With the correct strategy and plan, we made a big impact for ALDI within the Hispanic community in Orlando. We proved that a culturally relevant campaign can create a significant payoff and earn a profitable return on investment.

Now in Orlando. Grand Opening September 25th

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